16 mm Blind

The 16 mm blind is a product with the most narrow width of the slats. The collection consists of over 35 unique colours. The blind is designed for free hanging wall and ceiling mount, with a possibility of side-guiding which holds the blind, while the window is half-open. It is a top quality product, intended for indoor sunprotection.


The 16 mm blind is available in 4 handling options:
- Cord and wand
The blind is manually lifted up and lowerd down by polyester strings, which are passing through the cord lock that is located in the headrail. Moving the cords slightly to the center of the blind we can raise and lower the blind. Moving the cord back in the vertical position we can lock the blind on the desired position.
Tilting and setting of the slats on a requested position is operated by wand, that is connected to a tilt gear. 
- Chain
The blind is manually lifted, lowered and regulated by a chain, that is connected to an in the headrail located monocommand gear.  By pulling the chain slightly in one or other direction the angle of the slats is adjusted. By pulling the chain continuously in one or the other direction , the blind is lowered or lifted. 
- Crank
The blind is manually lifted, lowered and regulated by a crank, that is connected to an in the headrail located gear. By tilting the crank slightly in one or other direction the angle of the slats is adjusted. By tilting the crank continuously in one or the other direction, the blind is lowered or lifted.
- Electrical steering
The blind is lifted, lowered and regulated by a low voltage motor of 24V, which is built in the headrail. Through an integrated with the motor switch or remote control we can adjust the slats and lower or lift the blind. 
The rails are made of profiled and painted steel, colour matched to the slats.
The headrails are available in two dimensions: 
- 25 x 25 mm (HxW) and
- 19 x 27 mm (HxW). 
Bottom rail, „C” shaped, has dimensions of 10x20 mm (HxW).
- Width 16mm, 
- Thickness 0,21mm.
The slats are formed form an elastic high-quality aluminum, which is given a convex shape. 
Feature of the blinds: 
- double painted, 
- resistant to scratches, hit and bending, 
- lightfast, 
- long-lasting colors, 
- resistant to rust and non-electrostatic.
Their metallic coating fulfills also partly the thermal insulation.
- The tape roll supports and tape rolls are made from high quality material and galvanized steel, which provide a silent operation.
- The endcaps put on the both endparts of the head- and bottomrail are made of transparent polycarbonate. 
- Cordlocks are made from steel and brass, tilters from resistant and maintenance-free plastic. 
- Brackets are made of galvanized steel. 
Cords and ladderstrings are made in 100% from polyester, color-matched to the whole blind. Equal spaces between the spans in ladderstrings guarantee a perfect overlap of the slats and their closure. The spacing between the ladder sections is 13 mm.
Side guiding
Using the steel wire coated with silicone drawn on both sides of the blind and fixed to the glazing bead with a special holders, we secure the blind and prevent its lean during the window is half open.
For roof windows
Each slat is manually switched between the individual threads in spans of the ladderstrings  to guarantee a full rotation and closing the blinds on windows to an angle of 45˚.
Mixed colors
Each blind can be made from different slat colours. Normally both slats, rails and textiles are color-matched, but every Customer can project his own blind by choosing different colors of rails, slats and textiles and within the same slat various colors. 
Special forms
Blinds operated by pulling cord and wand can be made also in non-standard shape. All available forms are described on the side „Special forms”. 
Between glass blind
A 16 mm blind can be made as a between-glass-blind, for so called box windows. Tilting of the slats is operated by a wand connected to the blind by a flexible coupling and taken through the window frame.  The blind is lifted and lowered by polyester cords, that are also taken through the window frame.  Due to lack of the cordlock for locking the cord a cord clamping button is requested.
Standard operation
Max. widith: 3700 mm
Max. height  4000 mm
Max. surface   10m2
Motorized, chain and crank
Max. width 3600 mm
Max. height 3600 mm
Max. surface  5 m2

Package sizes
Height of blind in cm: 100  150  200  250 300 350
Height of package in cm: 8    10    12    14   17   20


- Ceiling brackets, galvanized, for installation in the window niche, to the ceiling or in the glazing bead,
- Universal brackets, galvanized, for installation to the wall or to the window frame,
- Non-invasive bracket, for PCV windows, to avoid  during installation any damages on the windows,
- Side guiding tension bracket, transparent,
- Suspension device with clamping ring, available in 3 colors: galvanized, white and brown,
- Tension bracket with locking ring, available in 3 colors: galvanized, white and brown,
- Suspension device, for in-between-glass mounting,
- Chain holder, material, for blinds operated by chain, 
- Cord clamping button, for in-between-glass mounting,
- Cord holder, material,  for operation cords, 
- Wand holder, material, for plexiwand in roof blinds,
- Wand holder, material, for wand for in-between-glass blinds.

Child safety
- Child safety, standard warning label EN13120
- Child safety, object yellow label
- Loop tensioner, material, for chainloops and cordloops,
- Cord holders and clamping buttons, material, 
- Break-away cord connector, material,
- Mounting instructions