Day-Night Roller blinds

The day-night blind is a blind made of fabric with horizontal stripes – one by one transparent and untransparent fabric.
This structure, it is easy to regulate amount of incoming light into the room. 
Modern window decoration whith function of venetian blinds, roller blinds and curtains. 
We offer:
  • Free-hanging or cassette system 
  • Possibility of mounting to the ceiling, wall or on window
  • Big collction of fabrics
  • Operation by chain or electric system

Roman blinds

Roman blinds perfectly fitted in home interiors, gain more and more popularity due to their undoubted aesthetic and functional qualities. Effective and elegant interior arrangement. That type of blinds is a better solution in rooms where there is no room for hanging traditional curtains. 

We offer a variety of materials - from openwork to smooth and patterned. 

When lifting, the Roman blind assamble into horizontal folds, so its great advantage is the ability to regulate the light. Openwork fabrics can be used, then the room is lit with soft light, creating a climate of warmth and cosiness. When using thicker fabrics, it will work like a traditional curtain. 
Solid and aesthetic finishes ensure long-term and trouble-free use. For control we offer manual drive - bead, or electric - controlled by a remote control. It is possible to mount the mechanism to the ceiling or wall. Easy to keep it celan (water or chemical washing depending on the type of fabric).

Door mosquito net

Used for balcony doors, is mounted with hingers to the building facade or door frame. It is provided in a handle, closing magnet and a brush seal, which maximally protects the room against insects and dirt from the outside. Each door mosquito net has a bottom fulfillment in a height of 170 mm (constatn size), which protects the net from any damage in the lower part. Optionally mounted door closers, automatically clasp the opend mosquito net, increasing the comfort of use. Additionally there is a possibility to use frames made of closed aluminium profile, which improves the stiffness of the door frame.

Door mosquito net
Max. width: 1200 mm
Max. height:  2300 mm
Max. recommended surface: 2,76 m2

Classic awning

Your terrace is a special place where you get rest. It's your space. We presented the Jupiter EVO awning for you. Choosing this awning, you get an extended 5-year warranty and a higher-class quality. Perfectly cover even very large terraces. And a large number of additional options will give it a personal touch.
Width: from 220 to 1200 cm 
Overhang: 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 or 400 cm 
Installation: from the wall, ceiling or rafter 
Angle: from 4 ° to 40 °

Warranty 10 years on Dickson fabrics  
Warranty 5 years on the construction  
Warranty 5 years on Somfy drives


Cassette awning

In our opinion, this is the most beautiful awning on the Polish markets. After folding, the fabric is hidden in the cassette. That system is prevent dirt, the fabric will be as clean as new. The cassette is only 13 cm - it does not have much space on the wall.

Width: from 220 to 1200 cm 
Overhang: 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 or 400 cm 
Installation: from the wall, ceiling or rafter 
Angle: from 4 ° to 40 °

Full cassete awning

Let yourself be surprised by the amazing solutions that the new version of the Selene EVO awning. We closed the arms with a 3.5 m reach in an elegant 21 x 25 cm cassette! Spell completes the increased wind resistance. The fabric and arms are hidden in separate sections of the cassette, never touching each other. The cassette provides the fabric with purity while the awning is rolled up.

Width: from 220 to 1200 cm 
Outreach: 150, 200, 250, 300 or 350  
Installation: from the wall, ceiling or rafter 
Angle: from 4 ° to 40 °

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