Unusual shapes

The form of blinds is not a limitation for us. 
We are only, who made and assemble our products in any complex shapes. (apply to blinds 16mm, 25mm and 35mm).


Pleated Blind Amarant

The pleated blind Amarant is a perfect product for the indoor sunprotection. The collection consists of over 84 unique fabrics, with rich colours, various features and light transmission. The pleated blind Amarant has a fixed headrail and is lowered top down. It is designed for free hanging wall and ceiling mount, with a possibility of side-guiding which holds the blind, while the window is half-open. 

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Pleated Blind Decomatic

The system of Decomatic pleated blinds offers a full range of solutions for internal sunprotection. The collection consists of over 80 unique fabrics, with rich colours, various features and light transmission. The variety of forms and a wide range of technical solutions makes it possible to apply Plisse Decomatic in almost all types of windows- standard, rotating, tilting, roof, skylights, conservatories and windows with special shapes. With these advantages we get the perfect combination of window decoration with sun protection. 

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Classic roller blinds

This is a classic form of sunshade for rooms. We offering big collection of design and colors of fabrics, including special types e.g. light scattering, blackout and transparent. 


  • Blinds can be mounted to the wall or ceiling
  • Possibility to use aluminum guides mounted to the wall
  • Free adjustment of the height of the blind by chain and electrical control.

On-Window Roller blinds

Roller blinds in the cassette are an interesting solution for window shutters, tilt windows and balcony doors. 
The system is made of high quality PVC (cassette and guides). 
It is possible to install on a double-sided tape and on screws. 
In offer we have a big, over 400 collection types of fabrics (over 400). Furthermore, we have transparent, darkening and light-scattering fabrics also.
Characteristics of blinds:
  • Cassette - round top profile - available in colors: white, brown, mahogany, cherry, golden oak, silver
  • Guides wich completely cover, to prevent light penetration  (the guides are available in colors such as cassettes)
  • Self-braking chain mechanism, electric mechanism control in option.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nests produced by us are one of the most reliable systems to protect the house and the apartment from insects, dust and pollen plant. Mounted on the windows the mosquito nets in no way interfere with the systems of roller shutters and interior sun protection. Installation is simple, without disturbing the structure of the window. They are suitable for installation in all systems of windows, in no way restricting the air flow nor reducing the amount of daylight indoors. All elements of the frame are made of aluminum, making mosquito resistant to weather conditions, ensuring its durability for many years of use.

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